Ten from then… (January 2018)

17 – MK

Although everybody’s taste is different, as far as dance music goes there hasn’t been a song quite as good as this one for some time. With numerous similarities to the type of dance music which exploded into the charts around three to four years ago through the likes of Blonde, Redlight and Gorgon City, when it comes to songs made for before or during a big night out, this ticks all the boxes. A refreshing listen, albeit perhaps more suited to a scorching hot beach or sat around a pool but certainly a tune that makes a much needed change to the usual indie/rock music these lists are dominated by.

Beverly Laurel – Tame Impala

With an upcoming Tame Impala club night (ironically in just over twenty four hours time) discussed to great lengths by me and my friends, it’s only through exploring Tame Impala’s back catalogue that I discovered that of all their albums, I’m a ‘Currents’ man. And although this is off the Lonerism album, it has taken years of trying to find a song quite as unique and mysterious as Swoon — The Chemical Brothers or even Sleepyhead – Passion Pit but at long last I may have just discovered it. Short but sweet, Beverly Laurel and its mixture of indie and electronic music epitomises exactly what my music taste is like in January 2017.

Nutbush City Limits – Ike and Tina Turner

I’ve written a few of these ‘Ten from then…’ by now but in the several months I’ve been compiling these lists, it’s very rare that I end up liking the same song two months in a row. With this song however, that’s exactly what has happened as although it didn’t make December’s cut, I did in fact Shazam this song last month before doing the very same thing during January. Whether it says something about how often I go to the same bars or just the same bars repeating the same playlists I’m not sure, but if it doesn’t warrant a place in this months list it never will.

On A Train (The Magician Remix) – Yuksek

Although I enjoy all types of music, on a night out the easiest bet always has to be indie, alternative or rock music in either a bar or club. Yet during a short trip to Poland and in a nightclub where the only rock music came during a quite strange ten minute period of Linkin Park and ACDC mash-up’s as the DJ evidently handed over to a friend as the doors opened to allow everybody to leave, this song stood out and captures just what type of night it was – a very good one indeed.

Gravity – Embrace

Embrace always get tarred with this brush that it’s only ‘ye da’ that listens to them and to some degree, nowadays that may well be the case. But over a decade ago, although I was never really into their music then I always appreciated that with a slightly older crowd they were incredibly popular. After listening to a Gavin and Stacey soundtrack playlist on Spotify however, even only slightly, I started to see what other people did and quickly began to like such a song which is in stark contrast to the majority of others in this month’s selection(s).

Run Me Dry – Bryson Tiller

If I did individual awards for my selected songs of the month, this one would hands down be awarded ‘the catchiest song of the month’. Sat with my brother several pints down in Lloret de Mar last summer, two English blokes began telling us about just how good Bryson Tiller was and that he was one to watch. Yet with little on my mind more than where the next drink was coming from, I took very little notice until now. Let’s just say this came as an unexpected, albeit very late yet present surprise!

Living Upside Down – Cut Copy

I’d be lying if I said that I could remember which shop it was but I can say for certainty that as with every month’s choices, this is again another that has been overheard during some retail therapy most likely spending any remaining Christmas money in January. Cut Copy, a band whose music I’ve liked in the past but knew very little about other than their main hits, once again had me Shazamming and for anybody that likes anything that bit indie but incredibly upbeat, you should give it a try (all three of you reading that is!)


For the last couple of years I’ve told myself that I’m now ‘too old’, I’ve ‘outgrown it’ and that it’s ‘no longer for me anymore’, no not wetting myself but Parklife. Circumstances in the last couple of years I’ve just simply not been able to attend the festival but after seeing this year’s enormous lineup drop earlier this week, I couldn’t help but give into temptation and buy a day ticket for the Sunday of the festival. Although perhaps Liam Gallagher and Skepta are the two stand-out artists, CHVRCHES are the ones I am most looking forward to see – announced in a week where they released their comeback single.

Get Free – Lana Del Rey

From Oasis back in 2009 to Empire of the Sun a year later, I quickly learned that if you don’t cough up the money to go and see an artist that you like at the time, it could be many, many years (if ever at all) until they tour again. Thankfully I didn’t make the same mistake with Lana Del Rey in 2014, a show which to this days remains the most mesmorising live performance I have ever witnessed. A video of this song in particular surfaced online following one of Lana’s shows in the USA and took me straight back, hence its deserved inclusions in this month’s song choices.

I Swear – N-Dubz

For the eagle eyed among you, you may have noticed that I haven’t included or in fact really listened to any unsigned or up and coming artists this month! Instead why not do the complete opposite and replace that with an act whose better days are much clearly behind them judging what all three members of N-Dubz are currently up to at the turn of a brand new year. Nevertheless whilst their music may not be up to much at present, I Swear is one of their best hits and if it wasn’t for one of the many Throwback Thursday playlists that Spotify offers, I may have forgotten about it. Thank god for technology!

Complete January List:

An added extra for you all… as part of a New Years resolution I’ve tried to make a note on my phone of a song a day that I’ve enjoyed with the view to making a 365 song playlist come the end of 2018. How far this goes, who knows?! But watch this space…

01.01.2018: Perfect – Ed Sheeran
02.01.2018: Dying Of The Light – Noel Gallagher
03.01.2018: Dreamer – Livin Joy
04.01.2018: My Favourite Room – Blossoms
05.01.2018: Gravity – Embrace
06.01.2018: Ti Amo – Phoenix
07.01.2018: Creeping Up The Backstairs – Fratellis
08.01.2018: Subdued – Oscar Jerome
09.01.2018: What About Me – The Cribs
10.01.2018: The Way It Was – The Killers
11.01.2018: Beverly Laurel – Tame Impala
12.01.2018: Get Free – Lana Del Rey
13.01.2018: I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince
14.01.2018: The Lowdon – Mettle Music Collective
15.01.2018: You – BLOXX
16.01.2018: Rock With You – Michael Jackson
17.01.2018: 17 – MK
18.01.2018: Barking – Ramz
19.01.2018: I Swear – N-Dubz
20.01.2018: You Got It Bad – Usher
21.01.2018: Nutbush City Limits – Ike and Tina Turner
22.01.2018: All I See – Bondax
23.01.2018: Living Upside Down – Cut Copy
24.01.2018: Robots – Kraftwerk
25.01.2018: Hardest Button To Button – White Stripes
26.01.2018: God’s Plan – Drake
27.01.2018: On A Train (The Magician Remix) – Yuksek
28.01.2018: If You Leave Me Now – Chicago
29.01.2018: Run Me Dry – Bryson Tiller
30.01.2018: Dang – Mac Miller
31.01.2018: Get Out – Chvrches


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