Review: The Twilight Sad (Sound Control, Manchester 2012)

Originally featured in The Mancunion:

Review: The Twilight Sad

Venue: Sound Control, Manchester
Date: 20th October 2012
Rating: 6/10

Apart from the similarities in name, anyone would think that an indie rock band from the Scottish highlands and the popular vampire saga would be worlds apart – and right they are. For many, it’s only been in the past year or so that The Twilight Sad have begun to make a name for themselves, but in a lifetime spanning just over 9 years, they showcased songs from all three albums to a half-capacity crowd in an intimate set for the Scottish rockers.

Local support act The Hidden Revolution gave them a helping hand in igniting the evening’s proceedings in a tone which would continue till the bitter end. With a sound which they describe as ‘experimental’ and ‘rocky in parts’, they were a great choice in support, turning a usually friendly and vibrant venue to a theatre of screams amid the arrival of The Twilight Sad.

Needing no introduction, James Graham (vocals) and co. took to the stage, awash in black and white in their attire and instruments alike. Opening their set with ‘Kill It In The Morning’, they then progressed into the next four songs without hesitation as they became completely in control at Sound Control.

Carrying on from where the former left off, a certain heaviness could be felt throughout their cleverly-crafted set list, as their mesmerised following hung onto every one of Graham’s words in what was a stand-out performance from the front man. In a very emotive showing, Graham seemed to feel every beat and recite every line as if it was his last, often taking to his knees and preaching lyrics to his on looking clergy, creating a very intense atmosphere in the process. It seemed fitting however that despite the emotion, the passion and the theatrics, The Twilight Sad ended very genuinely by thanking the crowd for their attendance as they reverted back to old ways, departing into the darkness of the night, not much different to which they created during their set.


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